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We keep it simple

Smart Crypto Bot is remaining FREE until further notice! This means that all of our tools including the Strategy Builder can still be used. We hope to see you all continue to enjoy our features!

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Our ideals

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We provide the architecture, speed and performance and we made sure that everything is reliable.

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Keeping our platform safe is our top priority.

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We do not use your data to sell to any 3rd party. We use Google Analytics for optimizing our platform.

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Automated trading

Automated trading is one of the core components of Smart Crypto Bot. Once you have set up your bot, it will take care of buying and selling coins according to your settings.

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Smart Crypto Bot uses multiple trading strategies. Free to use. If you are an advanced trader, you can create your own strategy in our Strategy builder. Every strategy looks at every selected coins in your settings.

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Loss prevention

Smart Crypto Bot uses loss prevention strategies to minimize as much losses as possible. Use Stop-loss or strategies. Be careful: Losses are always a part of trading and we, Smart Crypto Bot are not liable for any losses that incur when trading on our platform. Please read the Terms and Conditions f ...

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Manage your portfolio

Keep an easy view over all your assets and positions in Smart Crypto Bot. Check everything from open buy orders or your sell history. Everything is in one place for your convenience.

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Smart Crypto Bot has developed multiple charts for you to use. We have integrated with TradingView. You can use those powerful charts to your advantage.

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Smart Crypto Bot has developed triggers which you can configure. Triggers are signals what will do an action when the signal is fired. Triggers are most often used when the market suddenly crashes or pumps.

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Smart Crypto Bot believes that customization is very important. We have developed Smart Crypto Bot in such a way that you can alter any table, view port or how it looks.

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Never offline

Smart Crypto Bot is designed to run 365 days a week. The bot will turn off when the command has been given.