Smart Crypto Bot uses multiple trading strategies. Free to use. If you are an advanced trader, you can create your own strategy in our Strategy builder. Every strategy looks at every selected coins in your settings.

Trailing buy icon

Trailing buy

Trailing Buy is a strategy what always trails a coin. With configurable tracking times, you can use Trailing Buy to buy coins at a sharper price.

Choose your coins icon

Choose your coins

Fully control what coins Smart Crypto Bot can buy and can not buy. You can have a maximum of 200 pairs at any given time.

Percentage Change icon

Percentage Change

Buy and sell your coins with percentage changes.

Bollinger Bands icon

Bollinger Bands

Use the popular Bollinger Bands strategy to buy and sell coins. You can configure to buy and sell when the coin price hits a band.

Relative Strength Index icon

Relative Strength Index

The Relative Strength Index, RSI for short, is a popular indicator to measure recent price changes to check if coins are overbought or undersold. Configure your oscillators and the bot will buy and sell when a coin price hits an oscillator.

3x EMA Crossover icon

3x EMA Crossover

EMA crossovers are a popular method of checking sudden price changes or when to detect a bullish or bearish trend. You can configure 3 EMA's.

T-line scalping icon

T-line scalping

T-line scalping is a method often used by day traders. This strategy buys and sells frequently with in a certain time window. High volume and risky to use.